Al-Infitar  (The Cleaving, Bursting Apart, The Shattering)


This Surah consists of 19 verses, 80 sentences, 327 letters and 1 Ruku’.


It is derived from the word infatarat in the first verse. Infitar is an infinitive which means to burst or split asunder, thereby implying that it is the Surah in which the splitting asunder of the sky has been mentioned.

Period of Revelation

This Surah and the Surah At-Takwir closely resemble each other in their subject matter. This shows that both were sent down in about the same period.

Theme and Subject Matter

Its theme is the Hereafter. According to a tradition related in Musnad Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn al-Mundhir, Tabarani, Hakim and Ibn Marduyah, on the authority of Hadrat Abdullah bin Umar, the Holy Messenger (upon whom be peace) said: "The one who wants that he should see the Resurrection Day as one would see it with one's eyes, should read Surah At-Takwir, Surah Al-Infitar and Surah Al-Ishiqaq"


In this Surah first the Resurection Day has been described and it is said that when it occurs, every person will see whatever he has done in the world. After this, man has been asked to ponder the question: "O man, what has deluded you into thinking that the God, Who brought you into being and by Whose favor and bounty you possess the finest body, limbs and features among all creatures, is only bountiful and not just?His being bountiful and generous does not mean that you should become fearless of His justice." Then, man has been warned, so as to say: "Do not remain involved in any misunderstanding. Your complete record is being prepared. There are trustworthy writers who are writing down whatever you do." In conclusion, it has been forcefully stated that the Day of Resurrection will surely take place when the righteous shall enjoy every kind of bliss in Paradise and the wicked shall be punished in Hell. On that day no one shall avail anyone anything. All powers of judgement shall be with Allah.




Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

82 : 1


1. Itha alssamao infatarat

When the heaven is rent asunder -

82 : 2

2. Wa-itha alkawakibu intatharat

And when the planets are set afloat -

82 : 3

3. Wa-itha albiharu fujjirat

And when the oceans are drained away -

82 : 4

4. Wa-itha alqubooru buAAthirat

And when the graves are upturned -

82 : 5

5. AAalimat nafsun ma qaddamat waakhkharat

Every soul will know what it has sent ahead and what it has left behind!

82 : 6

6. Ya ayyuha al-insanu ma gharraka birabbika alkareemi

O man! What has made you careless towards your Lord, the Merciful, -

82 : 7

7. Allathee khalaqaka fasawwaka faAAadalaka

Who created you, then shaped you and then proportioned you?

82 : 8

8. Fee ayyi sooratin ma shaa rakkabaka

He casts you in whichever mould He will!

82 : 9

9. Kalla bal tukaththiboona bialddeeni

Nay, but you vituperate the Judgement!

82 : 10

10. Wa-inna AAalaykum lahafitheena

Verily above you there are guardians -

82 : 11

11. Kiraman katibeena

Compassionate and yet recording -

82 : 12

12. YaAAlamoona ma tafAAaloona

Who know everything which you do!

82 : 13

13. Inna al-abrara lafee naAAeemin

Verily the righteous will be in peace;

82 : 14

14. Wa-inna alfujjara lafee jaheemin

Verily the sinful will be in hell!

82 : 15

15. Yaslawnaha yawma alddeeni

They will be thrown in it on the Day of Judgement.

82 : 16


16. Wama hum AAanha bigha-ibeena

And will not be able to dodge it.

82 : 17

17. Wama adraka ma yawmu alddeeni

What will convey to you what the Day of Judgement is!

82 : 18

18. Thumma ma adraka ma yawmu alddeeni


Once again, what will convey to you what the Day of Judgement is!

82 : 19

19. Yawma la tamliku nafsun linafsin shay-an waal-amru yawma-ithin lillahi

The Day on which no soul will have control over another soul! The undisputed command on that Day is Allah's command! (R)

1. When the heaven is cleft asunder.

2. And when the stars have fallen and scattered;

3. And when the seas are burst forth (got dried up);

4. And when the graves are turned upside down (and they bring out their contents)

5. (Then) a person will know what he has sent forward and (what he has) left behind (of good or bad deeds).

6. O man! What has made you careless concerning your Lord, the Most Generous?

7. Who created you, fashioned you perfectly, and gave you due proportion;

8. In whatever form He willed, He put you together.

9. Nay! But you deny the Recompense (reward for good deeds and punishment for evil deeds).

10. But verily, over you (are appointed angels in charge of mankind) to watch you[] ,

11. Kirāman (honourable) Kātibīn writing down (your deeds)[] ,

12. They know all that you do.

13. Verily, the Abrār (pious and righteous) will be in delight (Paradise);

14. And verily, the Fujjār (the wicked, disbelievers, sinners and evil-doers) will be in the blazing Fire (Hell),

15. In which they will enter, and taste its burning flame on the Day of Recompense,

16. And they (Al-Fujjār) will not be absent therefrom (i.e. will not go out from the Hell).

17. And what will make you know what the Day of Recompense is?

18. Again, what will make you know what the Day of Recompense is?

19. (It will be) the Day when no person shall have power (to do) anything for another, and the Decision, that Day, will be (wholly) with Allāh.

YUSUFALI: When the Sky is cleft asunder;
PICKTHAL: When the heaven is cleft asunder,
SHAKIR: When the heaven becomes cleft asunder,

YUSUFALI: When the Stars are scattered;
PICKTHAL: When the planets are dispersed,
SHAKIR: And when the stars become dispersed,

YUSUFALI: When the Oceans are suffered to burst forth;
PICKTHAL: When the seas are poured forth,
SHAKIR: And when the seas are made to flow forth,

YUSUFALI: And when the Graves are turned upside down;-
PICKTHAL: And the sepulchres are overturned,
SHAKIR: And when the graves are laid open,

YUSUFALI: (Then) shall each soul know what it hath sent forward and (what it hath) kept back.
PICKTHAL: A soul will know what it hath sent before (it) and what left behind.
SHAKIR: Every soul shall know what it has sent before and held back.

YUSUFALI: O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?-
PICKTHAL: O man! What hath made thee careless concerning thy Lord, the Bountiful,
SHAKIR: O man ! what has beguiled you from your Lord, the Gracious one,

YUSUFALI: Him Who created thee. Fashioned thee in due proportion, and gave thee a just bias;
PICKTHAL: Who created thee, then fashioned, then proportioned thee?
SHAKIR: Who created you, then made you complete, then made you symmetrical?

YUSUFALI: In whatever Form He wills, does He put thee together.
PICKTHAL: Into whatsoever form He will, He casteth thee.
SHAKIR: Into whatever form He pleased He constituted you.

YUSUFALI: Nay! But ye do reject Right and Judgment!
PICKTHAL: Nay, but ye deny the Judgment.
SHAKIR: Nay! but you give the lie to the judgment day,

YUSUFALI: But verily over you (are appointed angels) to protect you,-
PICKTHAL: Lo! there are above you guardians,
SHAKIR: And most surely there are keepers over you

YUSUFALI: Kind and honourable,- Writing down (your deeds):
PICKTHAL: Generous and recording,
SHAKIR: Honorable recorders,

YUSUFALI: They know (and understand) all that ye do.
PICKTHAL: Who know (all) that ye do.
SHAKIR: They know what you do.

YUSUFALI: As for the Righteous, they will be in bliss;
PICKTHAL: Lo! the righteous verily will be in delight.
SHAKIR: Most surely the righteous are in bliss,

YUSUFALI: And the Wicked - they will be in the Fire,
PICKTHAL: And lo! the wicked verily will be in hell;
SHAKIR: And most surely the wicked are in burning fire,

YUSUFALI: Which they will enter on the Day of Judgment,
PICKTHAL: They will burn therein on the Day of Judgment,
SHAKIR: They shall enter it on the day of judgment.

YUSUFALI: And they will not be able to keep away therefrom.
PICKTHAL: And will not be absent thence.
SHAKIR: And they shall by no means be absent from it.

YUSUFALI: And what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is?
PICKTHAL: Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Day of Judgment is!
SHAKIR: And what will make you realize what the day of judgement is?

YUSUFALI: Again, what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is?
PICKTHAL: Again, what will convey unto thee what the Day of Judgment is!
SHAKIR: Again, what will make you realize what the day of judgment Is?

YUSUFALI: (It will be) the Day when no soul shall have power (to do) aught for another: For the command, that Day, will be (wholly) with Allah.
PICKTHAL: A day on which no soul hath power at all for any (other) soul. The (absolute) command on that day is Allah's.
SHAKIR: The day on which no soul shall control anything for (another) soul; and the command on that day shall be entirely Allah's.